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Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner PRICE LIST

It is also known as a sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner is a device that use an air pump to create a fractional vacuum to suck up dirt and dust, usually from floor, and from other surface such as draperies and upholstery.

The vivid range of Forbes vacuum and Euro clean cleaners with deep cleaning technology add a new look and feel to your living space. The vacuum cleaners clean both wet and dry surfaces of your outdoor, indoor, and car are priced between ₹2,500-₹25,000.

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Vacuum Cleaner Model PRODUCT PRICE Body Type
Euroclean Power Clean Rs 20,490/- High Pressure Cleaner
Euroclean WD X2 Rs 14,490/- Canister
Euroclean Wet & Dry Rs 14,490/- Canister
Euroclean Xforce Rs 10,490/- Canister
Euroclean iClean Rs 10,490/- Canister
Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX Rs 9,999/- Canister
Forbes Vogue Rs 8,999/- Canister
Euroclean Star Rs 8,490/- Canister
Forbes Trendy Steel Rs 7,999/- Canister
Forbes Torando Rs 6,999/- Canister
Euroclean Health Pro Rs 6,990/- Handheld
Euroclean Dynomite Rs 5,100/- Handheld
Euroclean Bravo Rs 4,990/- NO
Forbes Quick Clean DX Rs 4,699/- Canister
Forbes Quick ZIP Rs 3,999/- Canister
Forbes Trendy Nano Rs 3,799/- Canister
Forbes Easy Clean Plus Rs 2,999/- Canister
Euroclean Litevac Rs 2,500/- Handheld
Forbes Car Clean Rs 2,499/- Handheld

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